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Finishing up a commission

We Live in a Cave II . Mixed media on canvas. 48"x36"

We Live in a Cave II. Mixed media on canvas. 48"x36"

Just finished up a commission of We Live in a Cave II. This one is varnished, wired, and ready for delivery. Yes, I will do commissions. Ask me.

This painting was done a little backwards. Normally, I paint a background, let it dry, and then paint the figure over the top. With this painting I painted the black background last. Below are some phone camera pics of the process. I did the fire ladies first, painting about fifty layers of reds and oranges and yellows with paint and a glazing medium to keep the layers semi-transparent. Then, I chalked in the figures, and painted the dark background in thin brown and black layers.

The pics below are not really a step-by-step but give a bit of a glimpse of the early process.

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