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I've been working on a series of small cockfighting paintings. Cockfighting has intrigued, disturbed, and fascinated me since I saw the amazing 1974 film, Cockfighter, several years ago. I will post the series once I complete and photograph the series.

Before my current figurative abstract paintings I was painting single frames from movies and painted a shot from Cockfighter. My studio has been freezing lately and I wanted to work on some small canvases in the house. I decided to expand on the film frame painting and make a cockfighting series of paintings. 

The images are violent and fevered. I know they are not for everyone and are the furthest thing from being politically correct, but I am really interested in the inherent drama and striking colors.

The paintings are mostly 9"x12" and I'm looking at finding old frames for them. I plan on making the series 11 or 12 paintings. I don't know where a good place to show them would be. I'm open to suggestions.

I'll post more about the series once it is completed. Thanks.


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